Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Maelfa Exhibition - Spike Island

Our latest project at Hello Blue has been working with Sean Edwards for the new exhibition Maelfa, in the center gallery space at Spike Island. 
Sean who has been a pleasure to with has produced a truly breath taking show of print installation, photography and moving image, not only capturing the true beauty and detail of his work but utilizing the huge space of the gallery to perfection.

 The works pictured below were commissioned from Helloblue by Spike Island on behalf of Sean Edwards.
Printed at 3 meter sections on a 170gsm photographic paper and then pasted up.

The Maelfa Shopping Centre, Llanedyern, situated on the outskirts of Cardiff, is the focus of Sean Edwards’ latest project. Built around a block of high-rise flats in a council estate in the mid 1970s, the Maelfa centre was once a thriving microcosm of the wider city but declined over the subsequent decades. Edwards undertook a residency in the centre ahead of its planned demolition, making a careful study of the still functioning yet near derelict space, creating a series of new works. Due to the recession, however, plans to develop Maelfa have now been put on hold with the centre still functioning day to day.